Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Las Vegas Wedding ... what if?

What if this happened to you on your wedding day? ...

*Your heel gets caught on the aisle runner and your stumble down to your groom

*Your maid of honor forgets the Marriage License and the ceremony starts late as she runs back to the hotel to retreive it

*You spill red wine on your wedding dress during the cocktail hour

*Your DJ announces your new last name incorrectly - much to your mother-in-laws dismay

*Your cake cutting happens much too late and most guests have already departed or don't want to eat cake now as they dance the night away

. . . while these are common wedding scenarios - don't be a victim! Hire a wedding planner. While wedding planner's cannot stop the strange accidents from happening we do have the knowledge to assist with preventing all of the above and more!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Las Vegas - Cheesy weddings?

Everyday, as a Las Vegas wedding & event planner, I am faced with the misconception that Las Vegas is still a place for a "cheesy" wedding. While you can still have that fun & cheesy Las Vegas ceremony or reception - this is so not the case for the majority of Las Vegas weddings!

I truly believe that no where else in the world do you have so many options for amazing and high-end ceremonies and receptions! Where else are there so many world class chefs that have several amazing restaurant venues - well, maybe New York. But even so, there are just so many unique venues here in Vegas that just do not compare! Plus, you have the ease of traveling to Vegas for your guests, the abundance of hotel room options, the fun nightlife of the Vegas Strip, and of course the gambling!

To learn more about cool, classy and unique Las Vegas wedding spots take a look through my postings! There are really hundreds and hundreds of high-end Las Vegas wedding options! My personal favorite enhancement- include something "Las Vegas" in your event. For instance, have Elvis make a surprise appearance at your reception... your guests will love it! Your can still keep it classy - but fun!

Cheers to a great wedding event... wherever you are!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies in Las Vegas???

It is true! The latest trend is to have an outdoor ceremony in Las Vegas. Even in the middle of the dead heat of summer!?! Crazy as it is... it is true! Just make sure that if your ceremony is anytime from May to September that it takes place after 7pm .... or it is just too hot!

There are so many unique outdoor ceremony locations in Las Vegas that have emerged over the past few years. Almost every hotel - in order to stay competitve - will offer an outdoor ceremony location. Some of these locations are amazing and relatively inexpensive. The Terrace of the Bellagio is a great location that overlooks the Bellagio water fountains. The Lakeside chapels overlooking the lake at Desert Shores is another location that is somewhat of a secret still. Or what about the outlook at Red Rock overlooking the Las Vegas valley and red mountains? A little rustic but still amazing and unique! And of course there are the many poolside locations that have emerged throughout the Las Vegas hotels. A new favorite - getting married poolside at the Dolphin habitat at The Mirage. Especially if you are a dolphin lover this is a great ceremony location with Dolphins swimming & jumping behind you! Very cool!

So remember when choosing your ceremony location - the Las Vegas valley has no limits or boundaries for unique ceremony venues. If you can imagine a ceremony somewhere - chances are - for the right $$ amount - the location will accomodate you! The sky is the limit in Las Vegas!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Why Have a Las Vegas Wedding?

Lately it seems that I have been receiving a ton of emails from brides considering Las Vegas as an option for their wedding location. They are unsure if Las Vegas is their destination for their wedding. So, I am here to tell all that Las Vegas is the BEST city for weddings and receptions - hands down! There is truly no where else in the world that you can find so many options for both ceremony and receptions... and it is so easy for guests to travel to, find hotel rooms, and have the time of their lives!

Only in Vegas can you get married by Elvis and then head to dinner at Liberace's old Italian restuarant. Or get married under the stars in a lush garden poolside setting followed by dinner in a Frech restuarant operated by a top French Chef. How about getting married with the Las Vegas Strip as your backdrop and dancing with your guests all night in a famous private Night Club. Like to play golf - or just like the green golf setting? Las Vegas has plenty of fantastic Country Clubs for great wedding backdrops! The options are endless for a Las Vegas wedding!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Weddings Cost A Lot?!?

Lately it seems I have been having a discussion with several of my brides about how expensive weddings are. And not just Las Vegas weddings - but weddings in general! (As I truly think the vendors in Las Vegas are not any more expensive than other cities - thank goodness!) With all of the wedding vendors requiring at least a 50% deposit, it does require some advance budgeting in order to secure the vendors of your choice far enough in advance.

When you are in the pre-planning stages of your wedding event remember to budget for the wedding vendor deposits to secure things like your reception and ceremony locations, florists, photographers and videographers, the wedding cake baker, DJ, musicians, minister, etc. The deposits can really add up... but the great thing to remember is when the day arrives you have already paid a huge chunk towards your wedding!

The only other thing to remember is to not get in over your head - budget realistically and know how you are going to pay for things in advance. This is where a wedding planner is great as they can assist you with a budget, sticking to it, and getting discounts for you. If you decide that you are going to finance some of your wedding on credit cards - realistically set a goal about how much you are going to charge and how long it will take you to pay it back including your interest fees. You have to decide what is most important to you financially and for your wedding day! What can you live without? and what do you have to have to make it the perfect wedding day! You would be surprised that your guests will not remember what your chairs or tables looked like at the end - but they will remember if they had fun, had a great meal and had a good time overall!

Best wishes for a great Las Vegas wedding!.....

Friday, July 27, 2007

Events by Michele | Wedding and Event Consulting | Las Vegas Weddings, Corporate Events, Special Events

Events by Michele Wedding and Event Consulting Las Vegas Weddings, Corporate Events, Special Events

Try to Personalize Your Las Vegas Wedding

Your wedding day is said to be one of the most important days of your life! So, you want to remember the reason you are celebrating your marriage - you are creating a union between two people - and thus you want your style to be reflected in your wedding day. You want your guests to walk away knowing and loving you both even more - especially as a newly married couple! Here are a few ideas to personalize your Las Vegas wedding - but remember - do what fits you both!

1. Create a wedding logo that you use on your invitations, stationary, thank you cards, place cards, programs, etc. You can even have it monogrammed onto your wedding cake. I have seen designs like initials, dice, and even the queen of hearts.

2. Serve your favorite family dish at your reception and leave a copy of the recipe at each place setting.

3. Have your cake plates decorated with chocolate or fruit puree with your initials, hearts or your monogram.

4. Name your dinner tables after significant places you have traveled together or after famous Las Vegas entertainers/shows.

5. Leave a personalized note for each guest at their place setting.

6. Create a personalized signature cocktail drink to be passed at your reception.... a martini style drink always works great in Vegas!

7. Choose an inspirational quote from a song or a book and use it on your invites, save the dates, wedding programs.

8. Celebrate your hobbies either by incorporating them into your centerpieces, or your reception decor. (for instance - if you love to go boating - have a Intermezzo Course of Sorbet served in mini Ice Carvings of Sail Boats.)

9. Select music to be played that includes the Old Style Las Vegas tunes - Sinatara, Dean Martin, Elvis...

10. Why not have Elvis make a surprise performance! Las Vegas is known for their top notch impersonators!